It has come to our notice that among the list of nominated personalities form the Ghana film industry who qualifies for His Excellency the ...

It has come to our notice that among the list of nominated personalities form the Ghana film industry who qualifies for His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to appoint for the position of the Executive Secretary for the National Film Authority, which the government is now establishing, is Mr. Richard Yaw Boateng, who is popularly known for his indo-Ghana movie he produced in 2016, with the title ‘MR INDIA.’

Recently we heard of a radio presenter, Kojo Breko Dankwa, from one of the radio stations in Accra, writing ill of Mr. Richard Yaw Boateng in relation to the President’s choice to appoint him as the Executive Secretary of the National Film Authority; the ill article was seen on Kojo’s Facebook page.

This caught our attention and geared our interest to investigate whether or not Richard truly qualifies for the position in question. This is what we got after deep digging on Richard Yaw Boateng’s qualification for the position.

Actually, Richard Yaw Boateng is the man for the job. He is very well qualified for the position of the Executive Secretary for the National Film Authority. The film industry in Ghana needs someone who is selfless, determined, knowledgeable and experienced in the film industry, a leader with a defined vision and a leader who is achievement oriented. These are some of the qualities that we have just discovered about Richard Yaw Boateng, which convince us that he is the man for the job; and this is the reason why we believe so:

Richard started his career in the film industry in 1999, just after his MVM examination (Motor Vehicle Mechanic) at the Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC), where he studied Automobile Engineering for four years. Richard, the passionate filmmaker, has always been a team leader in all his life; from class prefect to course representative during his school days. He has always been the leader at everywhere he finds himself by virtue of his ability to provide vision and leadership for people at all times. Richard has trained and prepared himself for this very course for exactly twenty (20) years now.

As an individual, Richard is the only filmmaker in Ghana who has travelled across ten regions in the country to conduct Training Workshops for film actors, film directors, screenwriters and film producers. He is a teacher, trainer, instructor and facilitator of so many subjects or disciplines in the film industry, including Acting for Film and Television, Film History, Cinematography or Cinematic Technology, Film Direction and Production, Screenwriting, Non-Linear Editing, etc. A man with such knowledge and intellect can never be under estimated or overemphasized.


Richard has written, directed, produced and starred in four movies of his own from the past 14 years. His credits and filmography include "Holy Deal" (VCD released - 2005), "Murder" (VCD released - 2011), "Broken Tentacles" (VCD released - 2013), and his current theatrical released movie, which was premiered at Silverbird Cinemas both in Accra Mall and West Hills Mall and was also premiered at Global Cinemas at Choice Bus Stop, Weija, all in Accra, is the first Ghana-India collaboration film entitled "MR INDIA" (Cinema released - 2016), which he wrote, directed, produced and starred in it. He actually played the lead and the hero in a Bollywood action-drama style. The movie was actually filmed in Chandigarh - India, and in Accra - Ghana.

Richard has played several roles, as an actor, in four successful television series in the space of 12 years. These television series were shown on national television and other cable networks. The television series include "Hotel St. James" (on Ghana Television - GTV: 2002-2004), "Home Sweet Home" (on GTV: 2004-2012), "Life" (on Metro TV: 2012-2013), etc. He has also been a television personality on so many television talk-shows as a panellist and as a resource person, which includes "Movie Chatroom" (on GTV: 2010-2013), "The One Show" (on Viasat 1: 2012), and "AMNET Movie Review (on Crystal TV: 2012-2016).

Besides his contribution in the production of movies and television series and appearing on television and radio shows, Richard plays a significant leadership and administrative roles in the Ghana film industry.

Richard Yaw Boateng founded the Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG) in 2012; he is currently the elected and sworn-in ‘National President’ of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana; he is also a founding member and the Secretary General for the Film Federation of Ghana (FFG), which is the national council for the film industry in Ghana; and he was sworn into office as a member of the 'Creative Arts Council of Ghana' by the then Sector Minister, Honourable Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, on 22nd of September, 2016.

Richard is the creator and founder of the annual Ghana Film Summit, which is held at the Accra International Conference Centre with participants from all over the country, Ghanaian diplomats, celebrities and foreign diplomats. The Ghana Film Summit, the first of which took place in 2017, as part of the celebration to commemorate the 60th Independence of The Republic of Ghana, hence the initial name “Ghana 60 Years-On Film Summit”, is to highlight the importance of the film and cinema industry to the socioeconomic development of Ghana; hence the annual themes for the previous Ghana Film Summits and the Ghana Film Summit 2020 are as follows:

THEME: 2017
“Assessing 60 Years of Ghana Films and Cinema; The Contribution of Films to Ghana’s Cultural and Socio-economic Development, and its importance to Nation Building”.
THEME: 2018
“Rebranding of Ghana Film Industry to Rebrand Ghana”.
THEME: 2019
“The Rebirth of Ghana Cinema Industry for the Socioeconomic Development of the Ghana Film Industry”.
THEME: 2020
“Creating the Enabling Environment to Attract Investment for the Development of the Cinema-Film Industry in Ghana”.

The maiden edition of the Ghana Film Summit was unprecedented and game changing, attracting all celebrities and diplomats, including State officials such as Ambassador Ayikoi Otoo, Ghana Ambassador to Canada, Ambassador Michael Aaron N.N. Oquaye Jnr., Ambassador of Ghana to India, Ambassador Birender Singh, Ambassador of India to Ghana, Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Minister for Communications, Hon. Elizabeth Sackie, Greater Accra Deputy Regional Minister, and Hon. Adjei Sowah, Accra Mayor.

The summit also hosted and awarded Ghanaian movies stars and celebrities for their selfless contributions to the sustaining of the Ghana Film Industry; this including Ms. Jackie Appia, top rank Actor; Ms. Nadia Buari, top rank Actor; Mr. Prince David Osei, top rank Actor; Mr. Ecow Smith Asante, Senior Actor; Ms. Vicky Zugah, movie star; Mr. Bill Asamoah, Kumawood star and Ashanti Regional Chairman of Ghana Actors Guild; Mr. Kwaku Twumasi, Kumawood senior Actor and Director; Alhaji Abdul Salaam Mumuni, super movie Producer; Alhaji Sidiku Buari, legend movie and music director and producer, and also former MUSIGA President; Mr. Daniel Dama Alax, the Producer of the “Beast of no Nation” film; Mr. Samuel Fiscian, a senior Actor and movie Director, and also the President of the Ghana Actors Guild; Mrs. Nana Hayford, legend Actress and a Kumawood celebrity; Ms. Juliet Asante, founder of the Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF); Mr. Ken Fiati, ardent Actor and the male MC of the event; Gloria Osei Sarfo, Nana Ama of the Efie Wura TV series fame, and the female MC of the event; Martha Ankomah, a movie super star and 2010 Ghana Movie Award winner, Actress of the Year 2010; Paa George, a legend movie and TV Actor; the wife and family of the legend film Producer, Mr. Hammond Mensah of HM Films; Mr. Emmanuel Ziggy Netyson (a.k.a. Don Ziggy), the General Secretary for Ghana Actors Guild; Madam Akyere Buruwaa, senior Kumawood Actress; Mr. Adjetey Anang, a.k.a. Pusher of the “Things We Do for Love” TV series fame;  and many others. It was a honourary awards.

Richard awarded about 25 stakeholders in 2017 Film summit; he awarded 108 stakeholders in 2018; and he also awarded 135 stakeholders at the 2019 edition of the Ghana Film Summit. In all, Richard has honoured and awarded two hundred and sixty eight (268) stakeholders in the film fraternity in Ghana. This has been a great motivation for the award recipients over the three years of the Legendary Awards.

The second edition of the annual Ghana Film Summit also hosted diplomats and dignitaries like, Her Excellency Lulu Xingwana, High Commissioner of South Africa to Ghana, a representative of the Ambassador of France to Ghana, Madam Marigold Akufo-Addo, Sister of the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Alhaji Sidiku Buari, a Legend Filmmaker and former President of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Hon. Vincent Odoiteye Sowah, Deputy Minister for Communications, Mr. Samuel Fiscian, President of Ghana Actors Guild, and Mr. Daniel Dammah, the producer of “Beast of No Nation” movie.

Richard is the man that the Government per the directive of His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo assigned to conduct a nationwide research and data collection exercise for the Ghana Film Industry so as to enable the Government to comprehend and ascertain the value and importance of the film industry to the country’s socioeconomic development and its contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Richard successfully completed that of the Volta Region and submitted his comprehensive report to the then Sector Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Catherine Ablema Afeku. Unfortunately, the assignment was sabotaged by one Socrate Safo, a government official from the National Commission on Culture, who asked Hon. Afeku to give the assignment to him instead of Richard Yaw Boateng, who was assigned to the work per the directive of the President of the Republic, and Hon. Afeku asked Richard to stop the research and data collection exercise which Richard started in 19th December, 2017. Till date, the research and data collection exercise has been terminated till further notice.

Richard is the first and the only president of the film associations in Ghana who has taken it upon himself to travel abroad in search of investors and investment for the development of the Ghana film industry, especially the building of ultramodern Cineplex and Multiplex cinemas in all over Ghana. In 2015, Richard travelled to India with the Greater Accra Chairman of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana, Mr. Haruna Seidu Soale, popularly known as Zoree, to scout for investors to come and build film studios in Ghana and he went ahead to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Film industry authorities in Chandigarh – the Punjabi film industry – for co-productions and also for them to choose Ghana as their preferred film location and destination for tourism.

Richard in 2018 travelled two times in the year to India, with some of the executives of FDGG, including Mr. Haruna Seidu Soale, Mr. Daniel Fiifi Jayden, the current National Treasurer of FDGG, Rev. Ernest Ackom, the then Deputy General Secretary of FDGG; they went in search of investors and Kalifa Adam Kalifa, the current National Vice President; this time around they got so many opportunities including finding an investor who was ready to come and build one hundred (100) cinemas in Ghana in the space of three years but the then Sector Minister refused to meet with them to give them the courtesy that they deserve including tax incentives that they were requesting from the Government of Ghana, which was the responsibility of the Sector Minister to work it out, with the Finance Minister, for them. Richard is still in contact with those investors in India. There is a report to this effect at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, which is captioned “The Trip To India Report” and prepared by Richard Yaw Boateng.

Richard in 5th June, 2018, launched the Indo-Ghana Film and Culture Forum at the Marwah Studios, Film City Noida, in India. Richard was the Special Guest of Honour to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Ghana Film Industry and His Excellency Michael Aaron N. N. Oquaye Jnr., the High Commissioner of Ghana to India, who played the principal role in establishing the Indo-Ghana Film and Culture Forum, was at the ceremony and signed the MOU on behalf of the Government of Ghana. Dr Sandeep Marwah, the president of the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industries (ICMEI) and Chancellor of the Asian Academy of Film and Television University (AAFT) also signed the MoU on behalf of the Indian Government and the Media and Entertainment industry. It is also captured in the “The Trip To India Report” prepared by Richard Yaw Boateng. Richard has been doing all these as his contribution to the development of the Ghana Film and Cinema Industry as an individual.

Richard believes that Ghana’s development would not be the same without the landmark contribution of its film and cinema industry. Contributions such as keeping the country enlightened, entertained, informed and educated with films at the cinemas, in the home videos and on televisions sanitizes the citizenship of the country socio-therapeutically, psychologically and spiritually for development; again, the cinema and film industry contributes tremendously to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country for nation building; that is why Richard created the Ghana Film Summit which creates the platform and the enabling environment for discussions and deliberations for strategic development and sustainable growth of the film and cinema industry in the country to impact growth on the socio-economic development of the country.

Richard is very instrumental in the administration and leadership in the Ghana Film Industry. He is a team player, a visionary, a teacher, a public speaker and a leader. This is a man who can attract and mobilize prominent people in the society all together with movie stars and celebrities in the country without a stress on him at all. He is a crowd puller. A man of such potentials and abilities can never be ignored or under estimated. Richard Yaw Boateng has it all for the leadership that the Ghana Film Industry needs to move forward to create a Ghana beyond aid.

To attain the above positions in the film, television and creative arts industry in Ghana, for Richard, it has not been an easy journey at all. A Capricorn, fighter, passionate, dreamer, hopeful and perseverance person like Richard would always achieve his dream in life. Today, in the mainstream film industry in Ghana, Richard Yaw Boateng is a household name; and every one that knows him calls him a good fighter; a fighter who never gives up until he wins.

In his pursuit of attaining all these positions in the film industry in Ghana, Richard Yaw Boateng has become a prominent and renowned person to reckon with in the film industry; not forgetting the envious enemies and hatred enemies that he has also created for himself by virtue of his achievements.

Richard is the first film Director in Ghana who started fighting for the rights and royalty of the directors in Ghana under the Copyright Act of 2005 (Act 690). He started the fight in 2012-2013, and when he couldn't breakthrough, he mobilized the Film Directors across the country and formed the Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG), which was officially inaugurated by the then Minister of Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture in 2015. Early 2019, Richard with over 300 registered FDGG Members had their first breakthrough when the Copyright Administrator acknowledged and accredited their petition requesting film Directors in Ghana to acknowledged as the Authors of Cinematographic works in Ghana.  The Copyright Administration Office of Ghana has at the moment taken actions to making film Directors in Ghana receive their royalties as creators and Authors of Cinematographic works in Ghana. This is also an achievement of his visionary and determined leadership.

Richard Yaw Boateng has also served as one of the presidential photographers, voluntarily, in The Office of the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and also in the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, from January to December 2017; and also an official photographer at the National Security Coordinating Council - Ghana (2017 - 2018).

Richard is the first leader in the Ghana film industry and the only president of the film associations in Ghana who has been able to secure full scholarship for his members to travel and study abroad for diploma and certificate training courses in film directing, etc. Since he assumed office as the National President of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana in 7th July, 2015, Richard has been sending, minimum of one member a year, to abroad for a training programme for capacity building of the members of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana exclusively to date.

Richard has led and administer the Film Directors Guild of Ghana from its official inauguration in 27th February, 2015 to date; and by his leadership has established ten (10) regional branches of FDGG with over three hundred (300) registered members across the country. Richard presides over sixty (60) executives of FDGG; each region has six (6) elected regional executives: that is the Regional Chairman, Regional Vice Chairman, Regional Secretary, Regional Treasurer, Regional Organizer and Regional Public Relations Officer. He also chairs over the National Executive Board of FDGG, who serve as the national executive officers of the Guild; which include the National Vice President, the General Secretary, the National Treasurer, the Director of Membership, the Director of Welfare, the Director of Operations, the Director of Communications, the Director of Estates, etc. Richard presides over all these association officials across the country.


Richard is the man suitable and competent for the Executive Secretary position of the National Film Authority; putting into accounts of all that he has been doing as his contribution to the sustaining and developing of the Ghana Film and Cinema industry over the years is a clear definition of a visionary and determined leader. Administratively, his leadership role in various establishments in the Ghana film industry: his founding of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana in 2012 and his success for been elected as the first President of the FDGG in 2019; his co-founding of the Film Federation of Ghana in 2014 and been the interim Secretary General of FFD to date; his founding of the Ghana Film Summit in 2017 and been the Chairman of the National Planning Committee of the Summit to date; his been the man chosen by the Government to conduct the research and data collection exercise on the Ghana Film Industry for the Government; his consistent travelling to India in search of investors and investment for the socioeconomic and infrastructural development of the Ghana film and cinema industry; his organizing of training workshops across the country for film and television actors, directors and script or screenwriters, etc; all these achievements of Richard Yaw Boateng proves his competency and tenacity to be the Executive Secretary for the National Film Authority.

From all these hard work and achievements of Mr. Richard Yaw Boateng, we believe everyone has accepted the fact that this man is a genius and a gem for the infrastructural and socioeconomic development of the Ghana film and cinema industry. Yes, not forgetting that he is the same man who dreamt of an industry nick name for the Ghana film industry and launched it at the second edition of the Ghana Film Summit in 2018, the name “GOLLYWOOD”, which some industry players rose against it and wrote articles disassociating themselves from the name GOLLYWOOD out of the mere fact that Richard is becoming famous and stronger; and they think he has to be stopped.

We have come to realized that Richard is a dreamer, a visionary, a goal getter, and an achiever – no matter how smaller or big. Richard has so much love and passion for the success of the Ghana film and cinema industry. He is the first man I have heard him speaking about the difference between the film industry and the cinema industry in a very insightful manner for the sustainable development growth of the industry.

Indeed, Richard Yaw Boateng is the man suitable and competent for the Executive Secretary position of the National Film Authority.

Mr. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, please confidently give the appointment of the Executive Secretary for the National Film Authority to Richard Yaw Boateng, the National President of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana.

God bless our homeland Ghana.



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